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We’re storytellers, brand ambassadors, experience-seekers, problem-solvers

NicJohn Media offers a range of digital marketing services to put your brand at the forefront of today’s ongoing conversations. We partner with forward-thinking individuals and companies to drive business results through integrated marketing campaigns, brand storytelling, strategic content creation, social media management, and social business consulting. We’re on a mission to empower companies to tell better stories to reach and connect with customers and prospects in the digital age.

our story

One doesn’t just wake up mid-career and say “hey, I want to be a brand storyteller, quit my job at a successful tech startup, take a year off to find my true passion, practice crazy self-care, and launch a business.” But that’s what I did.


I was working on a LA studio lot at a major motion picture company in the late 90's watching larger than life stories come to life. Maybe it was the way stories were told, or how creative teams were formed that peaked my interest. Seeing the many variables that went into screenwriting, acting, producing, and the business side of filmmaking fascinated me. This gave me the curiosity to understand how stories are told and how they touch audiences, and why one story succeeds at the box office while another story fails miserably. That experience would shape the next 20 years of my life.


Fast forward to the digital age. Like many others, I rode the dot-com boom in the early 2000s, only to see that same bubble burst several years later. Luckily, I managed to stay afloat during the biggest transformation of our time. As technology evolved, so did my career path. I was catapulted into roles that allowed me to exercise my creativity and my analytical thinking. These experiences gave me an inside look into some of the world’s largest firms and agile startups across multiple industries spanning media, retail, entertainment, financial services, advisory, legal, and technology.


Along the way, I gleaned valuable insights and learned that the ability to truly connect with today’s customer is to build trust by connecting with them on a human level and by articulating authentic and engaging stories — both yours and that of your company —which are crucial in almost every part of your business. I founded NicJohn Media because not every person or company knows how to tell authentic and engaging stories — especially when it’s their story — or how to effectively reach and connect with their target audience.


So, in an effort to step out of my comfort zone and help people just like you, I decided to do the unexpected, pursue my passion, push past my fears, stand out from the crowd, and have fun doing it. Now if you’ve gotten to the end of my story (which obviously you have) and think we’d be a fit, then I would be thrilled to chat with you.

One doesn’t just wake up mid-career and say “hey, I want to be a brand storyteller, quit my job at a successful tech startup, take a year off to find my true passion, practice crazy self-care, and launch a business.” But that’s what I did.

I founded NicJohn Media because I believe in the power of authentic and engaging storytelling to deepen relationships and grow your brand. Effective storytelling captures the hearts and minds of people wishing to do business with you and helps you stand out above the rest. Our culture is based on fostering meaningful, one-on-one conversations that build trust — and, ultimately generates business.


our values

innovative thinking

On a quest to end the phrase “because we’ve always done it that way.”

customers come first

If our customers don’t succeed, neither do we. It’s what we focus on and the thing that keeps us up at night.


We value open and honest communication on all fronts. if something isn’t right, or beyond our capabilities, we’ll let you know.


We believe collaboration makes everyone and everthing better--which is precisely why we bring in partners, experts, and like-minded individuals whenever necessary to execute ideas.

meet nicole

Nicole Johnson founded NicJohn Media in 2017 after a successful 15 year career in digital marketing, content strategy, broadcast media, and online publishing. As chief brand officer and content strategist, Nicole guides overall strategy, business development, and creative marketing, and helps clients identify ways to tell their stories more genuinely to grow their brand. Prior to NicJohn Media, she led content marketing and digital strategy at Hearsay Social, a Sequoia- and NEA-backed advisor-cloud company, where she spearheaded the company’s content strategy programs and partnered with the CEO and senior leaders on thought leadership initiatives.


Previously, Nicole led content marketing and channel distribution at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company; served as the senior editor at FindLaw, Thomson Reuters; worked as the editorial director at patent risk management firm

RPX; and served as a senior technology consultant at LexisNexis where she developed long-term client relationships and delivered web-based solutions to legal practitioners at SF and Silicon Valley global law firms to drive user adoption and build brand preference. In 2002, she received the LexisNexis Western Market Area Individual Focus award for “Best-of-the Best Individual Work Performance” and the region’s "Most Significant Win" award for client retention.


After earning a JD from the University of Maryland School of Law, Nicole interned at NPR in the Office of the General Counsel in Washington, D.C. Earlier in her career, she served as the Executive Assistant to the EVP of Business Affairs at Twentieth Century Fox after graduating from UCLA. In 2016, she was an invited speaker at the Watermark Conference for Women, and a panelist at Women in Technology International (WITI). Her work has been featured in numerous online and offline publications, including Fortune, Business Insider, Fast Company, TechCrunch, InvestmentNews, eContent, ThinkAdvisor, and World Economic Forum. A native of Los Angeles, Nicole now resides in the Bay Area with her husband and three daughters.

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