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New year, new beginnings: introducing NicJohn Media—connecting brands & consumers in the digital age

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

A new year brings new opportunities and challenges in more ways than one. On the business side, it brings the opportunity for individuals and companies to connect more deeply with their customers, partners, and employees. On a personal level, it brings the opportunity to take stock of our surroundings, set new goals, and cherish those who are nearest and dearest to our hearts.

In the spirit of new beginnings I wanted to share some exciting news. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of NicJohn Media, a full-service digital marketing agency whose mission is to empower individuals and companies to tell more authentic and engaging stories around their vision and offerings to connect more deeply with consumers in the digital age.

Today’s consumers are more enlightened and empowered than ever, and are accustomed to interacting with brands in multiple ways. As such, it’s vital for companies to know how to reach and engage with their audience where they spend the majority of their time, including on digital and social channels.

With strong roots in online publishing, creative marketing, relationship management, and digital content marketing from leading enterprises and brands, we’ve assembled an agile team of marketing experts to help companies stand out in a cluttered and noisy world. Our core service offerings will include: brand positioning and messaging, content creation, content marketing and thought leadership, social media strategy, and social business consulting.

As part of our new beginnings, we’re also excited to unveil our new website which we hope you’ll take a minute to look around, gather some information, and reach out when the time is right.

In 2018, as we embark on this new journey we hope you come along for the ride. More importantly, we look forward to telling your stories that have yet to be told and providing truly one-of-a-kind services and experiences to help your business grow.

Please join us on this journey! We look forward to hearing from you.

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